Sunday, 3 August 2014

Week 2 Term 3

Hi Families

We enjoyed a successful trip to the Star Dome on Monday.  The children particularly loved watching the movie about Tycho the Space Dog as he flew around Space exploring the different planets.  During our classroom session the children found out about the movements of the Sun, Moon and Earth.  We were very fortunate with the weather and were able to enjoy lunch and a play at the park next door!  Thanks to our awesome parents/grandparents who came with us on the trip.

We have been working on our Space Place this week.  Come and take a look at our alien invasion!

We have also been designing and making our own space shuttles to go in the Space Place.  The art table has been a hive of activity this week.  We have been very impressed with the children's creativity and just as impressed with their ability to collaborate and share.

We had a very exciting arrival in the post this week.  Our Dark Den.  Some children helped Rosie to make it by carefully following the instructions.  The children LOVE being in it and as we gather more resources over the coming weeks, it is going to be a great place of learning!


Amy McCauley said...

Last week sounds like it has been out of this world! We would love to see and hear about your space shuttles. In LC2 we are designing our own planets, so we would need a space shuttle to get to them.

Martin Partridge said...

Awesome! And I love the photos!