Sunday, 7 February 2016

LC1 2016 - Taking Off As The Sky Hawks

A warm welcome to all our families who have joined us in LC1 this year and to all our returning families, welcome back!  We have had a great start to the year with all our children being very settled and happy in their new environment. Our focus so far has been getting to know each other and getting to know our space. It has been fantastic to observe the children engaging happily with new and old friends and spending time exploring the different activities and provocations that have been set up.

We explored postcards this week and thought about when and why you would send one.  Vrinda explained that she would send a postcard to her family in India to tell them about a place she had visited.  

We explored a world of bugs this week and investigated how we could sort them in different ways according to one criteria.

Talking Cafe!
One of our favourite places to go!  A chance to ask questions, chat and get to know each other better.  This week we thought about 'What games did you play in the summer?' and 'Who is in your family?'

We had the very important job of making a label for our cubby.  We used a mirror to help us draw a self portrait and then we wrote our name.  We used paint to create a 'Summer Picture' of something we had done over the holidays. We also looked very carefully at a beautiful shell and drew what we could see.


Other Areas
There has certainly been a lot of interest in the areas in our large break out space.  These include our Construction Area, Role Play Area (currently a house) and our Small World Area (currently an underwater world).

And Finallly...........
What fun we had on the waterslide!!!!  Great to see everyone so happy, laughing, squealing with delight and overcoming any initial fears about tackling the slide!

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wow, that looks like you all had so much fun!