Sunday, 14 February 2016

Week 2 Term 1 in LC1

Hi Families,

The time is flying by and we are already heading into Week 3.  Last week was another successful week with the children settled and engaged.  We introduced our two planning systems and the children did a great job at managing their time and organising their day.  Next time you are in LC1, ask your child to show you how they plan.

Getting to Know Our School
We have been spending quite a lot of time in The Portal - a cool, relaxing space and great for those of us who are very tired by the afternoon!  There is so much to do in The Portal - quiet reading by yourself, shared reading with a friend or a group, lots of games to play and puzzles to solve.



We have also visited the gym.  We have played some team games and we have had lots of fun with the parachute.

What Else Have We Been Up To?
Drawing what we can see - our focus on summer fruit has begun with a watermelon!!  We used sketching pencils first and moved on to watercolours and sharpies.

Literacy has looked like spelling and reading key words in lots of different ways and writing in our journals.  We have also worked on writing letters in the right way and we have completed lots of activities around the big book 'Monkey Shoes.'

We have continued with our sorting focus and also introduced a range of number activities this week.

Jeremy has really enjoyed exploring all our puzzles this week.  I think he has just about completed them all!!  Joshua has had fun setting up an under water world in our Small World Area and Luke really enjoyed creating pictures with our pegs and boards.

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Danielle Robertson said...

Wow, this all looks like so much fun! So lovely to see what you are up to at school!