Sunday, 8 May 2016

Week 1 Term 2

It was wonderful to welcome back the children this week and watch them excitedly as they explored our space.  They all noticed some changes and were very keen to investigate our new areas, some of which have been set up in preparation for our next round of Immersion.

  • The Office  - This space has been created to encourage writing for a range of purposes - lists, cards, letters, notes, stories.  We have also observed children role playing working in an office environment - taking pretend phone calls and being very busy indeed!  It has been a very busy space and we are looking forward to seeing how it is going to grow and develop in the coming weeks.

  • The Music Space - A cosy spot for investigating and exploring, composing and performing.  Not sure LC2 are our friends anymore thanks to the xylophone!!

  • The Cultural Corner - This is a space we have set up in preparation for our next round of Immersion.  The children have explored the new puzzles and found the country they are from on the globe and the map.  The space has also generated many conversations about different countries in the world that are special to us.

  • The Listening Space - One of the things the children have always loved doing in The Portal is listening to stories.  We thought, why not bring them into a LC1?  It has been a lovely cosy space to sit and listen to a story either by ourselves or with a friend.

  • Browsing Station - We have set up some browsing boxes for children to spend time gaining more reading mileage.  We talked about how 'the more you read the better you read.'
  • Lego Area - We are going to be creating our own town in the big black box using lego.  So far we have been thinking about the kinds of things we will need to build - houses, shops, a school, a park.......

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