Sunday, 20 August 2017

Term3, Week4

Week 4, Term 3

Another great week! 
This week, we have been continuing with our projects and gym kids sessions. Some of us in LC1 also had their first session of grasshopper soccer in the gym. 

Te Reo and Tikanga

We have been rotating in our guardian groups for Te Reo and Tikanga. We have been learning how to ask someone what their name is and how to respond in Te Reo. We have also been doing decorating feathers and weaving to put together for our LC1 Korowai that can be worn on special occasions. 

Singing Time 

For the past few weeks, we have been singing on Friday afternoons. LC1 and LC3 come together and sing different songs, led by Sharee. We have been really enjoying these sessions and it's really great to see some passionate singers. This is a great way for both commons to come together.


This week, only one guardian group could go to the library, as we had to have a big clean up for our cubbyholes. We are trying to keep the cubby areas tidy which is part of 'managing ourselves'. We will have the other two guardian groups go to the portal next week. 


Another great week of PINS! We are having lots of children who are keen to be leaders- which is great! Many thanks to our parents and grandparents who come in to help run our PINS workshops. Great to see everyone very excited to be part of our PINS workshops. 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Weeks 2 and 3, Term 3

We've had a great two weeks in LC1. Our projects are well underway now. We've also enjoyed our gym kids session and welcomed more new children and their families. 

Gym Kids

So far we have had two of our four gym kids sessions on Wednesdays. We have two more sessions left in weeks 4 and 5. We have been working on balance, handstands and forward rolls.


In week 3, the 'Animal Babies' group went on a visit to Hobsonville Veterinary Hospital. Dr Deborah Sampson was kind enough to answer some questions that we had prepared for her. She also showed us lots of important tools vets use and interesting things like animal xrays!

Learning Advisory Time

We have be learning what to do when someone is doing something to us that we don't like. We talked about the different steps - 
1. Say 'Stop it, I don't like it!'
2. Get help.

We discussed why getting help is important and who we could get help from e.g. Leaders wearing yellow jackets outside, duty teachers, friends, older students and our own teacher. 

This learning comes under the dispositions of managing self and collaboration. We are going to be looking closely at our Trust Licenses next week and co-creating ideas about what those with Trust Licenses should be allowed to do and what you have to do to get a Trust License. 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Week 1 Term 3

Week 1 Term3

Hello and Welcome to Term 3!

We have had a great start to the Term with the children running their own PINS workshops from LC1. Our blog this week will share and celebrate PINS and how excited some of the children were to run their first PINS workshop. We had lots of children who gained confidence seeing their peers take a PINS workshop and wanted to their own one next week! We also had some international students who took a PINS workshop with Trudy. They had great fun and most of all, the scones were delicious! 

We also started our project. These projects are teacher led inquiries, based on the interests and questions that the children had. They fell out of our immersion on the concept of 'Energy' last term. 

Watch this space for more project updates next week! 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Weeks 6, 7 and 8, Term 2


We have changed our timetable this term and currently have immersion workshops four mornings a week.  Over the past three weeks we have had some exciting experiences focussed on our concept of energy.

Scales, Feathers and Fur

For weeks 6 and 7 our focus was the living world of science. We were lucky enough to have living eggs in our learning common! Throughout this context our key questions were:

Do animals have energy?
How do animals get energy?
How do animals use or save their energy?

For this context, our writing was fully integrated to make it as authentic as possible.  Some of us focussed on writing full information reports and others linking emergent writing to the context where possible. 

We have also been linking our priority learning to our immersion context to make the learning authentic.  On our maths table we have been sorting animals and creating venn diagrams.  In art we have looked at different animal patterns and creating our own animals. 


PINS has been a great success over the past few week.  Ranging from visiting dogs and guinea pigs to learning about Matariki.  The children have had a range of hands on experiences working with a variety of people.  It has been wonderful to see some of our younger children and others that find leading challenging taking on a leadership role and running their own workshops too. 


In target maths workshops we have been working on the concept of doubling and halving.  Firstly some groups looked at doubling numbers.  We used the 'Doubles Rap' to help us!  You can try it at home too...

We are now working on recognising halves and quarters of shapes and some children are working on finding halves and quarters of sets. 


Four mornings a week we start our day with PE.  This term we have focussed on large ball skills. We have PE in our guardian groups and learn a large ball sport for 6 workshops before changing over.  By the end of the term all children will have had football (soccer), basketball, netball and rugby workshops. We have found it a really successful way to start the day and the children have too!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Week 5, Term2



This week we continued our immersion learning and have come to a finish of the two week immersion of 'Whizz, Bang, Pop!' (The material world of science).

Our Essential Questions were:

What is energy?
Can energy run out?
How is energy important in the everyday lives of people?

Key vocabulary:
Energy, reaction, change, liquid, solid, gas, absorb, hypothesis (predict), 
experiment, results.

Bang, Crackle and Pop!

Before we began this context, we asked the children 'What is a Reaction?' and recorded our thinking on hexagons. We then grouped our thinking. Now that we have come to the end of this context we revisited the hexagon. We asked the same question and reflected on our learning journey. We have recorded them on our learning journey wall.  


We have been having great sessions for our PINS! Thank you to all the parents who support our children during PINS. 


Our new whiteboard table has arrived! Children have been exploring with the whiteboard table and practising their alphabets, shapes, lines and their names. 

What a great week of learning and fun!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Week 4, Term 2



This week we began our new immersion learning!  Our concept is 'Energy' and the first context we are exploring this through is 'Whizz, Bang, Pop!' (The material world of science). 

Our Essential Questions are:

What is energy?
Can energy run out?
How is energy important in the everyday lives of people?

Bang, Crackle and Pop!

Before we began this context, we asked the children 'What is a Reaction?' and recorded our thinking on hexagons.  We then grouped our thinking.  At the end of this context we will ask the same question and reflect on our learning journey. We have recorded them on our learning journey wall.  


We then kickstarted the learning off in style! Working in Guardian Groups, the children took part in four different experiments over the week.  We also sent home immersion reading to support the learning. Our key vocabulary was/is: energy, reaction, change, liquid, solid, gas, create, absorb, hypothesis (predict), experiment, results

Some of the key learning that we wanted the children to experience or be directly taught were/are:  

*Identifying and sorting solids, liquids and gases.  We did this during workshops but also as independent priorities.

*Predicting (coming up with a hypothesis) and recording their results

*Writing step by step instructions (procedural writing) directly linked to the experiment

*Measuring during the experiment e.g. using measuring cups and exploring measurement during priority learning. 

It has been a great week of learning! The children have been very excited.  Watch this space for more updates...